Professional Credentials and Business Associates

Alan Kaine, Polygraph Specialist has provided polygraph services for over 30 years.

  • BA in Sociology, MA in Criminology, RSW (Registered Social Worker)
  • Long-standing member of Canadian Association of Police Polygraphist (CAPP)
  • Graduated as a certified polygraph examiner after completing 308 hours at an accredited polygraph school, Spokane Community College on November 18, 1982
  • Over 30 years in the criminal justice field that include the National Parole Service, Correctional Services of Canada and Ministry of Corrections and Public Safety
  • Research in polygraphy and was published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry and the National Joint Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Federal Correctional Services.
  • Lectured and Presented to Canadian Chief of Police, International Conferences, Ontario Lawyer’s Association, etc.
  • Contracted previously with Royal Canadian Mounted Police to provide Pre-employment Polygraph Examinations


Alan Kaine will administer all polygraph examinations and will complete quality control of test. For best results, the polygraph examination should be conducted at my professional laboratory. Every effort will be made to complete polygraph examination within one week of the initial call. Appointments can be scheduled during the weekday and/or weekends depending on your work schedule.