You frequently see polygraph displayed on talk shows about cheating partners. Relationship polygraphs have become very popular and customers want answers about various areas where they suspect a partner of cheating (e.g., ex-partners, devices, dating sites; work-related; sex trader workers; online payment for sexual services).

I am miffed by many of the questions that the client has prepared for the polygraph examiner: Here are some examples.

  1. Does my partner love me?
  2. Does my partner think of other men/women when having sex with me?
  3. Is my partner having an emotional affair with someone?
  4. Does my partner fantasize about past partners?

Polygraph is not about fantasies, impulses, thoughts or emotions but events that have or have not occurred. For example, an affair (which we clearly define during our pre-test) with Mr. or Madame X.

I want to clear up the mystique of polygraph-it is not magic but it can be an effective means to help resolve problems in a relationship. Polygraph works best when you are able to focus on an event specific issue. The polygraph test will have 3 relevant questions that will address this specific issue.

Happy New Year 2024 …. Alan Kaine