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Who can benefit from polygraph services?

1. General Public: Where the need to know the truth is absolute. Why wait years to resolve problems that have been dragging you down for years and affecting your life? You can resolve this problem in one day.
  • False Statements
  • Sexual abuse
  • False statements made against the client
  • Hidden assets
2. Lawyer's Requests:
  • Eliminate as a suspect of a crime
  • Matrimonial problems
  • Civil Law (e.g., sexual abuse)
  • Mens Rea
  • Administrative Law (e.g., accused of cheating on exam; sexual harassment; misappropriation of funds?)
  • Labour-Arbitration (e.g., harassment of an employee)
  • Workmen's Compensation
  • Immigration Law
3. Private Investigators:
  • Various aspects of their security service: infidelity, missing persons, fraud, etc.
4. Relationship Issues
  • Partner disputes
  • Infidelity by partner
  • Not being truthful about sexual history
  • Sexual abuse
  • Partner accused of having sex with Internet acquaintance
  • Partner accused of seeing his ex
  • Partner accused of frequenting massage parlor, strip bars
5. Private Consultations ("Can You Pass a Polygraph Test?")
This is for clients who have questions about the polygraph methodology and testing protocol. You might be concerned about your medical history (anxiety) that could have an adverse affect on the polygraph test. Alan Kaine provides confidential consultation and a practical demonstration if required. Professional consultation fee is only $100.00 that may be applied towards your polygraph examination.

6. Drug Use:

  • Suspected use or abuse of drugs
  • Women suspected of using drugs that resulted in her losing custody of children
  • Family members being tested for drug use and drug trafficking
  • Steroid testing for Weight Lifter Competitions
  • Abuse of prescription drugs
7. Wrongful Dismissals:
  • Employee wants to prove that the allegations made against them were false
8. Insurance Fraud: Insurance companies will seriously consider making payments if you are willing to consent to a polygraph examination.

Alan Kaine, Polygraph Specialist

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